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Two-Way School Communication. Simplified.

Unify communications from myriad channels and mailboxes so you and your leadership team can focus on the complex challenges you face due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Keep parents, teachers and staff, students and your community reassured. Easily.

NOTE: To set up your Let's Talk! account we require a school district email address. Please be sure to enter a valid school district email address above. 

Your COVID-19 Response Center simplifies your ability to reassure everyone...

Teachers and staff 

  • Anxiety, emotional support
  • Support for virtual instruction
  • Managing parent expectations
  • Questions for HR or
    Finance departments

Community members

  • Volunteer opportunities
  • Calendar questions
  • Board and governance inquiries
  • Ideas, tips, concerns


  • Instructional materials
  • Device setup, passwords
  • Meals and food service
  • Graduation, commencement


  • Anxiety, emotional support
  • Grades, exams
  • Scholarships, college applications
  • Graduation, commencement, prom

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“What we need right now is clear 

and consistent messaging 

from our schools to 

our communities.”

Jane Stavem


Lake Washington School District (WA)

“No matter how clear my outbound message, people will have questions. I need to remove barriers between them and my team. And we need to respond fast. If we can’t do this, how will anything we do matter?” 

Jim Chadwell


Eagle Mountain-Saginaw ISD (TX)

"We need our community to engage in a two-way dialogue. With Let’s Talk!, we have a tool to capture feedback at scale and hold us accountable to responding to it. Customer service isn’t anecdotal. We have the data to prove it."

Luvelle Brown


Ithaca City School District (NY)

What school districts are saying about Let's Talk!

Frequently asked questions

What is Let’s Talk!?

Let’s Talk! is cloud-based customer experience and school response center solution that connects school leaders with their communities.

What is a COVID-19 Response Center?

Your COVID-19 response center makes communication two-way, ensuring that community members can reach you, and that you can reach them, at critical times throughout the crisis.

Why do I need a COVID-19 Response Center?

You're sending a ton of communications. People are going to have questions. Those questions come at you via so many channels-email, phone, social media. With employees working remotely, you need a central intake to manage the tidal wave of community concerns. Your response center makes this possible.  

How do I get it?

In recognition of the many communication challenges that schools are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic, K12 Insight is offering a free pilot of its Let’s Talk! solution.

Is it easy to set up?

Yes. We recognize what you’re up against. In all cases, our team will work with you to set up your page and train your team. The whole process can be completed in a matter of minutes. Another reason schools are so excited about Let's Talk!

Will my community know how to use it?

Let’s Talk! looks like a button or tab on your district website. Community members simply click the tab, fill out the short form, and hit submit. 

Will my staff know how to use it?

Let’s Talk! ensures the right questions always get directed to the right people. If your team uses email, they can use Let’s Talk!.

What happens when my pilot is over?

This is a difficult time for schools. We want to help. That means we’ll keep your response center running for as long as you need it during the crisis at no charge.

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