Reconnect with your community this back-to-school season
using Let's Talk!, the first school 'customer experience' platform.

Learning is back. But families and staff have more questions — and concerns — than ever.

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How you respond could be the difference between starting the school year off right, and a frustrated parent or staff member leaving your school or district. With Let’s Talk!, you can guarantee a response to every parent, instantly route questions and concerns to the right team members to save time, and improve the quality and result of every customer interaction, from questions about online and blended learning to health and safety concerns to building teacher and staff morale. 


Reconnect with and easily reassure parents, teachers, students and staff (via email or text).

  • Send community-wide messages
  • Easily solicit questions and concerns
  • Measure the quality of your replies


One person can’t respond to 2,000 emails. Route questions to your team and respond in 48 hours or less (on any channel).

  • Assign questions to the right team members
  • Issue district-approved responses
  • (via email, website, phone, text or social media)
  • Eliminate duplicative staff time


Use real-time data gauge your response times, and measure the quality of each engagement.  

  • Track response times
  • Receive ‘Critical Alerts’ 
  • Monitor the satisfaction of each conversation

Austin ISD handles more than 2,000 inbound messages per week while maintaining a customer satisfaction score of 9.3.

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What is Let’s Talk!?

Let’s Talk! is a cloud-based customer experience and school response solution that connects school leaders with their communities. It helps you improve the rapid response your stakeholders desire, while giving you insight into what is top-of-mind and how your community perceives your district.

How does Let’s Talk! work?

Let’s Talk! works by aggregating community feedback from multiple communication channels (email, social media, news, phone, text, in-person meetings) into one universal inbox, where school leaders can collaborate to simplify communication, improve response times, provide more accurate replies and and measure community satisfaction.  

How does Let’s Talk! help with communications around COVID-19 cases?

As schools reopen this fall, parents and staff have more questions than ever. Let’s Talk! helps you respond by instantly routing COVID-19-related health, safety and learning questions to the right team members, simplifying the communications process, and reducing the amount of time spent responding to community members.

How does Let’s Talk! help to build trust?

In addition to improving responses times, Let’s Talk! supports bulk outbound messaging. For example, when a student, parent or staff member reports a positive COVID-19 test, school leaders can coordinate their community response by sending a bulk message to all or part of the school community. And then track and respond quicker to incoming questions.

How do I get Let’s Talk?

In recognition of the many communication challenges that schools are facing during the COVID-19 pandemic and the return to school, K12 Insight is offering a pilot of its Let’s Talk! solution. You can sign up here, or contact K12 Insight directly at 703-542-9600.

Is Let’s Talk! easy to set up?

Yes. We recognize what you’re up against here. In all cases, our team will work with you to set up your page and train your team. This work can be done in 48 hours. You can start triaging your most critical communications challenges immediately, while building towards broader use.

Will my community know how to use Let’s Talk!?

Let’s Talk! looks like a button or tab on your district website. Community members simply click the tab, fill out the short form, and hit submit. It’s designed with common web principles that your community is used to experiencing on all public websites. It works as easily on a mobile device as it does on a computer, and is faster for parents, staff and students than finding an email address, or opening an email app and typing questions to send to your inbox. 

Will my staff know how to use Let’s Talk!?

Let’s Talk! ensures the right questions always get directed to the right people. If your team uses email, they can use Let’s Talk!. Because the parent chooses from a list of defined topics, their question/comment is not emailed to a random staff member who may not have the answer and has to forward that email on to another department, delaying the response. With Let’s Talk!, questions are automatically routed to the right person/department from the start, reducing staff time and work, and speeding the process of getting answers to your community.

What happens when my Let’s Talk! pilot is over?

This is a difficult time for schools. We want to help. If you choose to continue with Let’s Talk!, our team will work with yours to ensure a successful transition.